Tanya Neiman Pro Bono Professional of the Year

The Tanya Neiman Pro Bono Professional of the Year Award honors the memory of Tanya Neiman, the former director of the Volunteer Legal Services Program of San Francisco. 

The award is presented to a Pro Bono Professional who has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to civil pro bono services delivery, given exceptional service and achieved outstanding results. Persons working in the smallest rural program to the largest urban program are equally eligible for this award.

To nominate a NAPBPRo member for this award, or for more information, click here

1989 Celia Mansaray, North Carolina
1990   Carol Poirot, California
1991   Patty Murto, Minnesota
1992  Tanya Nieman, California
1993  Eve Biskand Klothen, Pennsylvania
1994  Rachel Piercy, Louisiana
1995  Carol Powell-Lexing, Louisiana
1996  Pat Brummer, Minnesota
1997  Kathy Duncan, Texas
1998  Eloise Dudley, Georgia
1999  Pat (Brown) Gerrich, Arizona
2000  Judy Sobin, Hawaii
2001  Carol Burdette, Iowa
2002  Judy Williams, Montana
Phyllis Thornton, Mississippi
2003  Michele Mirto, Arizona
2004  Judy Davenport, Georgia
2005  Marla Elliott, Washington
2006  Krista Scully, Alaska
2007  David Ackerly, California
2008  Virginia Martin, New Hampshire
2009  Mary M. Connolly, Massachusetts
2010  Michael Monohan, Georgia
2011 Tiela Chalmers, California
2012  Sheila Gaddis, New York
2013  Scott Wylie, Indiana


Ann Porath, Ohio


Pam Feinstein, Washington

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